Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


Right from taking and processing your orders to the shipment of your products, we make very sure that you get safety at each step. We know how important our customers are for us and hence we make every possible effort to keep them happy and satisfied. We aim for excellence to earn the goodwill of our customers.

Free delivery of products

There would be no shipment charge if the order is more than 150 pills. Any order lesser than this is payable. Apart from that, order lesser than 150 pills needs an assent of customer without which it cannot be processed.

We take an utmost care and make very sure that the packets reach to you on time. In case of any delay in the shipment you are intimated immediately. If the order gets delayed, we take an appropriate action about the same and provide you a free re-shipment either from the same or from a different manufacturer. Alternately, we issue a full refund also.

We respond quickly

Our customer-care team is there for your support and replies to your mail in an hour. As per our policy, you will get a reply in an hour of our receiving your mail. You are free to contact us if you have queries.

Your order can be checked online

You need to click on my account to check your status. The status of your order can be checked by logging in to your e-mail address.
We aim towards making you healthy and disease-free. Wish you a healthy and happy life always!