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Also sold under the generic name dextropropoxyphene, Darvon is an analgesic that belongs to an opioid category. The drug is meant for treating mild it is used as a cough suppressant. This group of drug is known as narcotic pain relievers and it is meant for oral administration. People buy Darvon online both for treating pain effectively and as a remedy for cough.

Important Information About Darvon

Propoxyphene is effective in treating pain but it should not be used if you have history of suicidal actions or thoughts. It should not be taken along with any sedatives like Valium, Xanax etc. Its use with antidepressant is also not recommended. Do not take Darvon along with a large quantity of alcohol. It is important to that Darvon is a habit forming drug and should not be used by the people who have history of drug abuse or addiction. Since this is a prescription drug, you should take the dosages only as prescribed by your physician. Never take Darvon more than the prescribed amount or longer than the required period. You need to report to your doctor if it stops relieving you from pain. Do not stop taking it all of sudden as it may cause severe withdrawal reactions.

Possible Side Effects of Propoxyphene

You need to get an emergency medical help if you see any signs of allergic reactions like difficulty in breathing, swelling in the face, tongue, throat etc. You need to call your doctor if you see any of these side effects like slow heartbeats, shallow breathing, feel light headed, jaundice, seizures, unusual thought or hallucinations etc.
Less common side effects of the drug includes headaches, blurred vision, skin rashes, nausea, stomach aches etc. Consult your doctor immediately if you notice side effects.

How to Take Darvon?

Take the medicine exactly as prescribed. Do not take the medicine in more than the required amount or longer than the required period. Follow all the directions given on the prescription label. The drug is to be taken orally as a whole with one full glass of water. Do not crush or chew these tablets. Though the medicine can be taken with or without the food, you should take it with food if upsets your stomach. To prevent the unpleasant withdrawal reactions of the drug, you need to take the correct dosage. Measure the dose very carefully if you are taking liquid form of this medicine. You can buy Darvon in USA or buy cheap Darvon online from a licensed pharmacy.