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A Complete Overview about Hydromorphone

Also known as dihydromorphinone, hydromorphone is sold under the brand name of Dilaudid also. It is a centrally acting pain medicine belonging to the opioid class. It is an opioid medicine which is sometimes referred to be narcotic. It is used for treating moderate to acute pain. People buy hydromorphone online to get relieved from pain effectively.

Important Information About Hydromorphone

You should not take this medicine if you have severe breathing difficulties or blockage in intestine or stomach. It can slow down or stop the breathing process altogether. It is a habit-forming drug and misuse of this narcotic medicine can lead to overdose, addiction or even death. The drug should not be consumed during pregnancy as it may cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms in infants. Using this medicine with alcohol can lead to the fatal side effects.

Before you take this medicine

You should not be taking this medicine if you ever had allergic reactions to this medicine or with the other narcotic medicines. You should report to your doctor if you have severe asthma, breathing problems, blockage in the intestine or bowel obstruction etc. You should not use hydromorphone if you have been using MAO inhibitors in the last 14 days. There are certain medicines which can interact with this drug and can cause serotonin syndrome. Make sure that your doctor knows if you are taking stimulant medicines, migraine, headaches, vomiting and nausea. To make sure that the drug is safe for you, you need to tell your doctor if you have breathing problems, lung disease or had seizures etc.

How to Take Hydromorphone?

You need to follow all the directions given on the prescription label. Do not use the drug more than the required amount or longer than the required period. The medicine is to be swallowed as a whole. You should not break, crush or open the extended-release form of this pill. If you are taking the liquid form of this medicine, you need to measure the dose carefully. Stopping the medicine all of sudden can lead to severe withdrawal reactions. Overdose of this medicine can be immensely harmful hence if you are on a dosing schedule and miss a dose do not take any extra dose to make up for the missed dose if it is time for the next scheduled dose.
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